Anuj Saha

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Peril Earth

Peril Earth is a compilation of vignettes connecting common people on our earth to the effects of Global Climate Change. It has 14 vignettes covering 17 countries on our planet. The vignettes spread all the continents of our earth. From extreme heat to tumultuous storm, from rising levels of sea water to spawning of deadly insects, from destructive earthquakes to spontaneous brush fires, from obliteration of Polar Bears to skillfully utilizing the earth’s heat to produce electricity, from drying rivers to the menace acid rain, from depleting the carbon sinks (cutting trees) to tarnishing the pristine coral reefs, from choking our earth with waste micro-plastics to poisoning our food and water sources with Forever Chemicals that do not degrade, Peril Earth describes the state of our earth that is easy to read and paints the picture in front of our eyes. Peril Earth ends with a vignette on “Pacific Ring of Fire” covering three countries situated on the ring that depicts our colossal vulnerability and helplessness in the mighty palms of Nature and Destiny.The casts and characters of the vignettes were chosen mostly from the bottom segments of a society…