Anuj Saha

About The Author

A professional Chemical/Environmental Engineer By education and practice, Anuj K. Saha Has been living and working in the USA for over four decades. An inventor and Entrepreneur, his experiences and accomplishment have enriched the way to provide rational solutions to many complex environmental problems and issues.

Deep Down under, the thought that drove Anuj to find the most prudent solution for environmental issues is his love and passion for planet earth. Planet earth is our home. This used to be a pristine and beautiful planet This is the only place we will live so long we breathe, If we make this planet contaminated, unhealthy, and unlivable, we do not have any option to move to somewhere else

The author’s love and compassion for our earth provided the impetus to dig deep into the root causes of environmental issues and analyze all contributing factors. His technical knowledge of the subject matter facilitated the process, And it is not just the human beings that are getting affected. All habitants in our ecosphere, from crops to insects to aquatic species are feeling the pinch in some ways..

In Peril Earth, the author knitted over a dozen vignettes connecting the common people from each continent to the evironmental issues that are emerging because of changes in climate condition .The result is often repairable and often reach catastrophic proportions beyond repair,At the end of the day ,the people living in this planet is the net sufferer.

The impact of Climate change is reaching the kitchen table of average households.The media coverage is spreading the information and political leaders often rely on the media to derive their speeches.

For all the countires on our earth ,the people living on the lower end of the economic scale (marginal people) tend to suffer the most from the impacts of environmental issues.Many people refer to them as victims of “Environmental injustice” in some of the vignettes of Peril Earth the author narrated the effects of climate change on the victims of Environmental injustice to illustrate the lights and helplessness of marginal people.

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