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Peril Earth

anuj k. saha

About The Author

A professional Chemical/Environmental Engineer By education and practice, Anuj K. Saha Has been living and working in the USA for over four decades. An inventor and Entrepreneur, his experiences and accomplishment have enriched the way to provide rational solutions to many complex environmental problems and issues.

Deep Down under, the thought that drove Anuj to find the most prudent solution for environmental issues is his love and passion for planet earth. Planet earth is our home. This used to be a pristine and beautiful planet This is the only place we will live so long we breathe, If we make this planet contaminated, unhealthy, and unlivable, we do not have any option to move to somewhere else

The author’s love and compassion for our earth provided the impetus to dig deep into the root causes of environmental issues and analyze all contributing factors. His technical knowledge of the subject matter facilitated the process, And it is not just the human beings that are getting affected. All habitants in our ecosphere, from crops to insects to aquatic species are feeling the pinch in some ways..

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Peril Earth Book Cover - Final-1

About The Book

Peril Earth is a compilation of vignettes connecting common people on our earth to the effects of Global Climate Change. It has 14 vignettes covering 17 countries on our planet. The vignettes spread all the continents of our earth. From extreme heat to tumultuous storm, from rising levels of sea water to spawning of deadly insects, from destructive earthquakes to spontaneous brush fires, from obliteration of Polar Bears to skillfully utilizing the earth’s heat to produce electricity, from drying rivers to the menace acid rain, from depleting the carbon sinks (cutting trees) to tarnishing the pristine coral reefs, from choking our earth with waste micro-plastics to poisoning our food and water sources with Forever Chemicals that do not degrade, Peril Earth describes the state of our earth that is easy to read and paints the picture in front of our eyes. Peril Earth ends with a vignette on “Pacific Ring of Fire” covering three countries situated on the ring that depicts our colossal vulnerability and helplessness in the mighty palms of Nature and Destiny.The casts and characters of the vignettes were chosen mostly from the bottom segments of a society…

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Peril Earth

Climate change is a severe thing that everyone is talking about. From warm and shaky earth to warming and rising oceans and from vanishing crops and coral reefs to dying polar bears, our world is on the verge of being destroyed by the dangers of climate change. A lot of people are talking about climate change but understanding it and realizing what part you play in this can be difficult. That is why you should get your hands on the best book on climate change to fully comprehend what it is and how we can stop it.

The Author

Anuj K. Saha is the author of the book ‘Peril Earth’ which is undoubtedly one of the best books on global warming. He is a Chemical Environmental Engineer by profession, but he has been working on various environmental and climate change issues for the past many years. He is a big lover of his mother earth, which pushed him to write this book, available as a paperback book, hardcover book, and Kindle E-Books worldwide. Through his book, Anuj wants to stop the earth from becoming a living hell. Because if climate change took over us, then there would be no going back.

This Tsunami Book of 2023 covers all the rational solutions to the complex and challenging problems that can save our beloved earth. 
Anuj’s love and passion for the earth as what led him to dig into the deepest mysteries of what is causing climate change, and after thoroughly analyzing them, he devised the best book on Tsunami. Through this book, his technical knowledge will help humanity to bring balance to our pristine world again.
So, order your copy of Peril Earth today from Kindle Amazon Books to understand your part in fighting climate change.

What will this book tell you?

This climate change book is a collection of different vignettes that collect the common people from our earth together to discuss the effects of climate change. The 14 vignettes cover 17 countries because they are spread all over the earth’s continents. From studying depleting carbon sinks to forever chemicals in water and learning about plastic choking side effects to killer acid rain, they research everything about the earth.

They will also talk about extreme weather conditions that are changing with every passing day and becoming more and more severe. Our book ends with ‘The Pacific Ring of Fire which tells you about the three countries that are situated right on the ring of the pacific and show the colossal helplessness and vulnerabilities of man at the hands of nature and destiny.

Why do you need to read this book?

This book is like a ray of hope for humanity because the earth is rapidly approaching disaster. Reading a book that covers every aspect of the problem we are currently facing, what we faced and what are the possible threats we might face, along with providing understandable and doable solutions to those problems.
So, order the book today because it’s time to understand our duty and play our part in protecting the earth.